Final February weigh in.


Up 2 pounds from last weigh in, but it was a stressful 2 weeks since last weigh, so it is what it is.

Back at it though!

February weigh in #3

No change this week due to stress and poor eating because of said stress.

Gonna kick ass this week though!

February weigh in #2

200.6 pounds.

Down 3.4 pounds since last week.

Down a total of 5.8 pounds. For February so far.

We got this!

The areas that bother me the most: upper arms, tummy, upper thighs, “pooch.”

I was 140 before, I can be 140 again!

February weigh in #1

My first weigh-in for February… 204 pounds.

I’m down 2.6 pounds since last week.

I want to be 195 by the end of the month.

I’ll post a before pic soon. I have the pic, just have to add the date to it.


We only had sex twice in all of January.

We haven’t had sex in 2 weeks.

I hate how shitty this makes me feel.


Getting this blog ready.. February 1st I’m going all out, perfecting my diet and fitness routines.

I’ve got 75 pounds to lose, and they’re all going to be gone by 2014.

Personal, TMI.


Buying a remote controlled wireless vibrator was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I can’t shut my head up.

Constant nagging feeling that he’s fucking up again and I can’t focus on anything else.

I wish it wasn’t negative 8 degrees so I could motivate myself to go to the gym.